Amano Viktor Rencel

A      V      R

LIGHT ARTIST Amano Viktor Rencelj - AVR , has the profound depth, the elegance beauty of soul, and the unique composure of a man who truly understands the creation of a piece of art.

The essence of Light sculpture is not the form, but the mystery & beauty behind that prism combined with sound.


Although magnificent abstract and landscapes are the main choice for his compositions, AMANO explains, “As an artist, I see art as a kind of GODES GIFT to HUMANITY. I chose the filament and the red color as a conscious decision to the object.”  Viktor transforms exquisite Satin like bands, 

and dichroic polymer film into MULTIDIMENSIONAL, compelling OBJECTS with sharpness, color, movement, ENGERY and LIGHT.


Before he begins his artistic journey on Light & Space, Amano Viktor Rencelj works the fields and gardens near his Munich home for a flower or scene that catches his eye.

He carries a APPLE and KNOWLEDGE everywhere so he can CREAT a NEW WORLD at any moment.


My favorite moments are free dances 


star-shining eyes 

vision moments 

and places of paradise




There are others, but these I seem to come back (TO CORRECT PAST)  to my nature. 

They all have an elegance & translucency.”